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Media Services

The LaRue Group specializes in providing a comprehensive range of media services. Our expertise lies in creating visually captivating content, including graphics and 3D renderings, that effectively communicate your message. We also excel in web design, crafting user-friendly and visually appealing websites. Additionally, our team is well-versed in media and public relations, ensuring your brand receives the attention it deserves. With our strategic marketing approach, we help elevate your brand's presence and reach your target audience effectively.

Visual Content

We understand the importance of amazing visuals in the world of hospitality. This is why we make use of high quality video and photography to spotlight talent, brands and properties.

Media / Public Relations

We create polished media kits and press releases. We handle media coordination, media pitches, placement and media training, to list a few.


We offer a wide range of graphic and design services, including logo creation, product packaging, and social media content. Additionally, we specialize in producing 3D renderings for restaurants, food trucks, boutique hotels, and bed and breakfast establishments.


Establish connections with established businesses, brands, and influencers in the culinary, hospitality, and media industries. Develop a strategic plan to reach your target audience and suggest the necessary resources, tools, and activities to achieve your outreach objectives. Explore partnership, collaboration, and participation opportunities to expand your brand visibility.

Web Design

High quality website design for talent and properties. We also build and optimize ecommerce sites for your food/beverage products

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